Research Groups

Presentation of the research teams from each university

Karlstad University, Information Systems

Research in the Information Systems section of the Karlstad Business School has an emphasis on human-computer interaction and designing technologies to support human to human interactions, as well as process modelling. Information communication, in text, images and talk, is central to our work. The development and use of medical records for collaboration and multidisciplinary medical teamwork is a special interest area. Technologies such as telemedicine, for example, while facilitating important collaboration over distance brings its own challenges for record-keeping and infrastructures. Protecting patient privacy in the context of privacy enhancing technologies, as well as ethics in the design and use of technologies, are also important areas for research.

Members: Bridget Kane

Karolinska Institutet, Health Informatics Centre (HIC)

The Health Informatics Centre (HIC) performs research in the areas of clinical decision making, integrated patient-centred information systems for collaborative care and patient e-services with special focus on usability. Our aim is to perform needs driven research and to enhance clinical practice through informatics, delivering new evidence-based knowledge into patient care, prevention and self-management. In the project “Mina vårdflöden” HIC participated in the design and evaluation of new national e-services for patients. We systematically use knowledge about care processes, information flows in health and social care, patients’ information and communication needs, usability and health informatics standards to develop new methods and tools. These are evaluated to create new knowledge about how to best design and implement eHealth to create benefits for both patients and healthcare professionals. We apply a sociotechnical approach, combining technical and methodological research with research on how implementation and use of eHealth affects roles, relationships and tasks for patients and healthcare professionals. HIC is working closely with clinical departments at Stockholm County Council (SLL).

Members: Maria Hägglund

University of Skövde, Information Systems

The research team has many years of experience in the field of health informatics and a number of research projects in the field. Research has mainly focused on efficient and secure information in health care, from a process-oriented approach. Patient perspective is strongly emphasized. The group has also conducted research on the development and use of information systems in other application areas. Principal investigators will primarily be Rose Mharie Åhlfeldt, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science with a focus on information security and Anne Persson, professor of computer science with a specialization in information systems development.

Members: Hanife Rexhepi and Rose Mharie Åhlfeldt

Lund University, Department of Design Sciences

Research at the department focuses on the interaction between man, technology and design. The cooperation is vast, and research is conducted, for example, if industrial design, product development, packaging design, rehabilitation technology, design for the elderly, the interaction between man, the environment and health, organization design and risk management. The research conducted is highly interdisciplinary, with many national and international contacts. The Department currently includes about fifteen projects and 25 scientists (seniors and PhD students) related to health care. Examples of research topics at the department are: working environment in health care, design of future operating environments; visualization in healthcare; slip and fall accidents in healthcare environment; aerosol technology for development in the area of ??infectious diseases; organizational change; profession studies and patient influence in cancer care.

Members: Gudbjörg Erlingsdottir

Uppsala University, Department of Business Studies

The Department of Business Studise provide teaching and research in a wide range of areas relevant to the organization, management and entrepreneurship from a broad perspective. The Department is one of the largest at Uppsala University with more than 150 employees, and includes six full professors, more than 50 doctoral students and a large number of postdoctoral researchers. Since the mid-1990s, the reserach area of health care organization and management is one of the large research areas at the department and involves both senior researchers and doctoral students. Some examples of ongoing research are reserach on management and evaluation of highly professionalised organizations, research on organization and democracy at the boundaries between public and private, research on the communication of medical care in a digital world, and research on interaction and management of the cooperation between local governments.

Members: Gunilla Myreteg

Uppsala University, Department of ALM

The research at the department (especially in archival science and library- and information science) focuses on the use, organization and management of information and documents. The information and archives scientific research approach analyzes the information and documents in a larger context. The reserach creates an understanding of new and existing information infrastructures, and their impact on people’s daily life and work and the conditions for its efficiency and improving both the quality and quantity of individual, social and societal perspectives.

Members: Isto Huvila

Uppsala University, Department of Information Technology

The department of Information Technology is one of the largest at Uppsala University with approximately 250 employees. The DOME project mainly includes researchers in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI). The HCI research is highly interdisciplinary and includes areas such behavioral science, computer science, information technology, education, ethnography, ethics etc. The HCI reserachers are working on issues related to the use of IT in the workplace, including design, organization and work environment issues. We work mainly in development projects within organizations, government agencies and industry, where our role is to ensure high usability through user-centered development process. Most of our work relates to complex computer systems for professional users and professional use. Our research in healthcare has included areas such as medical record, decision support, telemedicine, home health care and mobile computer support for caregivers.

Members: Åsa Cajander, Mats Daniels, Thomas Lind, Bengt Sandblad, Christiane Grünloh. Isabella Scandurra

Uppsala University, The Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences and Ture Ålander Private Practice

The Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences have a total of about 170 employees working at the department. We have an extensive research conducted by our 12 research groups in the disciplines of public health and caring sciences. We are engaged in teaching at Med School, Nursing programs, Master’s Program in Public Health and a number of courses.

Ture Ålander is a PhD GPs and has been involved since the beginning of the SUSTAINS project. The clinic Ture Ålander has had “Care Accounts” for ten years where patients have had access over the Internet to their primary care records, certain information from hospital records, and a messaging service. Ture Ålander has been involved in evaluations of the Care account project in 2003 and 2005, and has unpublished data to analyse in this area. He collaborates with the Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences at Uppsala University.

Örebro University

Members: Isabella Scandurra, Gunilla Myreteg och Gunnar Klein

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