Beyond Implementation of eHealth

Beyond Implementation of eHealth is a 4-year research project funded by the Swedish research council on health, working life and welfare (FORTE). The main objective of this project is to explore key factors that will affect implementation and adoption of collaborative eHealth, that is eHealth that is used by both patients and healthcare professionals, and to propose concrete interventions or tools to ensure widespread adoption of such eHealth. One of the more discussed collaborative eHealth tools that have been implemented in recent years, both in Sweden and internationally, is the patient accessible electronic health record (PAEHR), or open notes as referred to in the United States. We will use the implementation of PAEHRs or open notes in the United States and in Sweden as our example case.

Project Team

Principal Investigator:
Maria Hägglund, PhD, Associate Professor in Health Informatics, Uppsala University, Sweden

Cait DesRoches, DrPH, Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School
Charlotte Blease, PhD, Keane OpenNotes Scholar
Annika Bärkås, PhD candidate, Uppsala University.
Kendall Harcourt, MS. Research Assistant, OpenNotes, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center